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Affiliate Marketers Journal: No Catfishing Be Yourself


I am determined not to be like too many internet marketers and affiliate marketers out there who specialize in Catfishing as their marketing style. Some affiliate marketing programs and Internet Marketers are like dating site Catfishers. They throw up an online post saying and claiming to be something that they are not just so you can click on it. It’s called clickbait.


Misleading Marketing Titles


They don ‘t care that it is a cheap thrill. They don ‘t care that they are ruining their reputation. They don ‘t care that you will never be back. Because, they are looking to get the instant gratification of your website visit. They are hoping to catch the small percentage of people who will buy something from their website or click on an ad or sign up for their email list. Not knowing that they have just falling into a promotional rabbit hole with the worst of marketing intentions.

Some of these Catfish Affiliate marketers just use misleading tactics. Others go into full scale scam mode.


Direct and Honest Internet Marketing

I was sitting here at the end of a long day thinking of how I could use the time I have before I have to go to bed wisely for my home business. So I went to Home page of my Mentor and I saw that my mentor was being very direct with their marketing. They were not being exotic, or using smoke and mirrors, or taking you out in left field in order to show you home plate. No the home page says


Yep that is what Wealthy Affiliate is.

Then they invite you to sign up saying you can have 7 days free with no risk and without giving them a Credit Card to sign up.

Yep that is direct and true as well.

They told you what they were and how they could help you. Then they invite you right up front to try it.

Nothing magical or mysterious about that. Very upfront, direct, and straightforward.


Affiliate Marketing Best Practices: Be Direct Be Honest


I said I need to be the same way with my marketing efforts. Not that I am not the same way. But it really encouraged me and challenged me to follow the leaders. Don’t try to rebuild the wheel. Don’t try to zig and zag. Go right down the middle. Go right for what you really want to say or do. Tell people who you are and how you can help them.

When choosing the Title of your Affiliate Marketing and Home Business post. Just say what it is you want to share. Not that there is not time for some dressing and croutons. But what people really came for is the salad. Give them Salad!!!! Don ‘t tell them oh the Dressing is soooo good you have to taste it. Oh the croutons are to live for. Without first saying I am in the Great and Healthy Salad business. That is what I do best.

I am looking for people who really love great salad. Then later on I can tell them about the great tasting croutons and salad dressing. Sometimes it can be tempting to get involved in a little keyword manipulation but in the long run it does not pay off.


Keyword Manipulation Misleading

Don ‘t be a Fancy Keyword Guy/Girl


Sometimes as Internet marketers we can get too big and fancy like this dinner table. It is nice for the right occasion but most times it is just too much. All our site visitors need is a nice coffee table and some paper plates. But we make our keywords are fancy in order to get Google’s attention or to attract the right users. Not criminal but it is not being direct either.

When picking keywords for your post, articles, or reviews don’t overthink yourself. Rather, be direct with yourself and with your readers and site visitors. The youngsters call it being real. No one likes clickbait. Google does not like clickbait. Google wants you to be direct. This gives them a relevant search result for their customers who are searching for let’s say great salads :).

Being direct and not overthinking your online offerings to your site visitors is also great for your Bounce rate. You are going to attract the right people to come to your site. Your not throwing Google a curveball. As smart as Google is sometimes the algorithms get it wrong.

If we are direct and do not overthink our Titles and are not too fancy with our keywords than when people come to our websites they will have an early exit. Instead, they will stay, learn, engage, and consume what you have served them.

Misleading SEO Titles are No Fun


Earlier today I clicked on an article about Uber drivers being scammed. The headline make it seemed like Uber was not protecting it ‘s drivers. I am no Uber apologist by any means. But when I read the article I was looking for Uber drivers getting scammed and Uber not protecting them. I did not find it. It was a very interesting read being that I know Uber drivers. But I was looking for the problem with how Uber was handling it that the Title implied. It was never there so I stopped reading after about 5 or 6 minutes.

They made their article interesting and informing. But it was misleading. They had an agenda or they just wanted to be clickbait or both. That is not ethical and I will remember that the next time I see an article from them on my news feed.


Don ‘t be a Catfish Affiliate Marketer


I signed up for a false Affiliate Marketing Promo Service

I paid to get in…. I got very little in return. I did not learn much. I lost maybe 7 -10 hours of my time before I realized that the program was not what it was advertised as.

I must admit I should’ve known better. It looked and felt cheesy and 15 years ago new internet ad. Which is usually a scam. As, far as I am concerned it was a scam. I got ripped off.

This further makes me say I will never ever be that guy!


Here is too honesty and excellence!