Keys to Surviving the First Year of Business: Find out how Pat Riley of the Miami Heat built the Championship Brand before he build the Championship business ( NBA Basketball ) of the Miami Heat Organization

Apply these lessons to your business! Become a business Champion

Affiliate Marketers Journal : Build your Personal Brand Keys to Survival


I want to share the importance of building your brand before you build your business. Your brand will build your business. But without a strong brand your business may crumble. After hearing the stories of so many affiliates and Internet Marketers one day it hit me. There are many people new to business in our field who are building a website for the first time but may not know general business do’s and don ‘ts that apply to all business. This was crystallized about two weeks ago when someone asked a question the on Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing learning to platform.

I will call her Tanya for the sake of privacy. Tanya was sharing a positive outcome in her business with her fellow entrepreneurs on WA. That was that Googled had indexed her blog post!!! In her post she mentioned that she had only been building her online business for two months. About two months before this positive outcome Tanya said that she was about to quit. After congratulating, her on her success in being indexed by Google. I also added to her that she has to give her business at least a year of hard and smart work before she can properly evaluate herself.

About a week later the inspiration for this article popped into my head while thinking about Tanya and her admission. Build your Brand before you build your Business. Your Brand will build your business!

As an Affiliate Marketer, Internet Marketer, Home Business, or Small business owner the foundation of your business is not the products or services that you sell. But instead the foundation of your business is you and who you are. Your business is only an extension of you.

I have some very important and profound advice to Entrepreneurs starting a business for the first time or starting any new business venture. Build your personal brand FIRST then build your business. If you, build your brand than your brand will build your business. Many times people try to build their business then build their brand second. When their business fells, struggles, or is slow out of the gate. They quit under the pressure of being a business owner.

Without the foundation of the business being strong, vigorous , determined, and both wise and fearless. The pressure of the business will destroy the business. that does not shoot off like a rocket. Or the business that gets off the ground well but hits turbulence in or unpredictable tough times.



Pat Riley The mindset the Attitude the Champion

Over the course of three decades Pat Riley has made a great name for himself as a basketball genius. As a coach he won multiple championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. He moved on the New York Knicks and created a winning culture there that almost landed another championship.

But what I want to focus on here is the amazingĀ  job he did with the Miami Heat who were an expansion franchise just 6 years before. He brought a winning mindset, expectation, toughness, excellence, and attitude to the Miami Heat. A team that needed an identity. He gave them one.

The first few years of having Pat Riley as both coach and team president meant bringing in tough and great players like Alonzo Mourning. For many years he was the picture of what the Heat with Riley was all about. A tough and skilled team that was a force to reckon with. But not good enough to win a championship.

But they build a winning foundation for what was to come in the new millennium. After a few tough years the Miami Heat did not replace Pat Riley neither did Pat quit. He knew what the was made up. The Heat organization knew who they were. They stayed the course. Riley rebuilt the heat via the draft and in Free Agency. Acquiring the All Star Dwayne Wade in 2003.

In 2006 Riley and the Heat won their first ever NBA championship after just missing it the year before.

Years later because of the success and brand build by Pat Riley the heat attracted Lebron James and Chris Bosh to play beside Dwayne Wade. They would add two more championships!

The Lakers and the Knicks already had a name for themselves. But what Pat Riley did with the young Miami Heat franchise has been amazing and understated. Because he is still making history with the Heat. They still have a proud good young team coming up.

This is what I want us to see with Pat Riley. Although he has evolved throughout the years he has also pretty much stayed the same. He has had to rebuild , tweak, and adjust several times.

So what was it that got him and his teams through all of these challenges. His personal identity and the brand that he built notably with the Miami Heat. His name that was built off integrity, winning, toughness, and smarts created the Championship success that his teams later saw in abundance.

He had to build the brand first before he built the business ( Championship Miami Heat Basketball)

Your Brand is your Self Business Identity

Many times people want to build their brand. Meaning they want to build up how people from the outside see their company. They want to be known as XYZ company who specializes in XYZ . We are high class, medium class, or affordable. They project how they want to perceived in public through marketing and also how they build their company.

However way before we can get to how others see us in business. We need to figure out and develop our own what I call Self Business Identity. This is apart of our personal brand. This is not who other people or the public think we are. But who do we think we are as business people. Do we know that we will be successful. Do we have self confidence. Is hard work apart of our company values. Is integrity apart of our company mission. Before we can project a brand identity we need to develop the keys to success.

These keys will make us a winner through the critical first years of our business when there might be little to no success in our business. Focus on building your personal brand before building the business!

Your Personal character and Ego will Carry your Business

If you, watch the TV show Shark Tank there is many important things that you can glean from the conversations between the Sharks and the lively Entrepreneurs. One of the things that I have noticed is that the Sharks want to know why they started their companies. They want to know what kind of backgrounds the inventors and small business owners have. They want to know what makes these people tick and how they think.

One would ask well why is this important, they have a great product. Or maybe you think the products is terrible or so so. But the Sharks see something else. They see intangible things in relation to the product or service that they provide that will help to build their business and make their business profitable.

The Sharks understand that what a person has in their personal makeup, personal history, and a persons spirit is very important to their ability to build a business.

The sharks are looking for the business morals, business values, and business mindsets that can be harnessed, focused, and used to propel their business venture into the days, months, and years to come.

So before you can build a business. You need to have built your Personal Brand or a Self Identity. That is what they are selling in some instances to the Sharks. This is also what will allow us to overcome the hard times of the early days of our home business and small business.

What Happens When you Build Your Business Before your Brand


This is the crux of why you want to build your personal brand before you build your business. If you, happen to run into problems, set backs, or crickets from your online business, brick and mortar business or home business without a Brand already built than your in trouble.

If you, do build your personal brand and business brand before you build your business. You have an amazing insurance policy. Your business is not just about making money but instead your business makes money as an extension of your brand values and morals. Make no mistakes you are in business to make money and I will take a business without a brand that is making money any day over a business without a brand that is not making money.

But the bottom line is this. You have to understand and know what success looks like and what success is before you get successful. Or you need to learn quick after you find success. That can be more difficult. Already having your personal brand built is important because through good times, bad times, dark times, boom times and all times you know exactly who you are as a business entity. You know your values, your vision, and your why you are business.

If you, measure your success by how many customers you, how many hits to your website, or how many sales you have for the month or year you are missing the long term outlook for your business. You will make the horrible mistake of thinking no sales, no interest, and no yes from others means that your business is dead.

You may think that your business model is all wrong. You may think that you made a big mistake by starting a business. When the truth is that you just need to keep going, keep building and keep learning about yourself and your business industry.

Guess What? Building a Business is Hard


Maybe the number 1 reason why we need to build our personal brand before building our business is simply that Building a business is HARD.

There are many lessons to learn on how to survive the first one or two years of a new business enterprise. One of those lessons to learn and understand right up front when planning a business for yourself. Building a business is really hard. If it, was not hard than everyone would do it. If it, was not hard then all the people who have tried to create a successful business online or brick and mortar would have been successful. Neither is true.

The great part of having the knowledge and expectation that building your new business is going to be hard is this. You are going to put in the hard work, research, and get all the help that you are going to need to build your business. You are not going to take any short cuts. You are going to ensure that you batten down the hatches before hard times come. You are going to be sure that you build enough capital to ensure success of the business.

Patience is not going to be a problem for you. You know things may be slower than expected at the start and throughout your business.

So you will not be short of the intangibles or the tangible things that you will need to make your business successful.